Internet vs. Web

Difference Between Internet And Web Internet Internet is a platform of interconnecting computers developed primarily as a communication system. It was developed during the Cold War. Internet includes nodes, hosts, routers and servers, connected by arcs. Internet consists of the connection networks of different sizes connected in turn to form the gigantic circuit which now […]

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Forums vs. Blogs

Difference Between Forums And Blogs Forum The Forum is an online space for sharing and discussion. Forum usually collects the fans of something and allows them to confront in a question and answer. The Forum is used to give and receive advice but also to provide Technical Support. Often they are designed and monitored by […]

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Lens Speed vs. Shutter

Difference Between Lens Speed And Shutter   In addition to focal length, a lens is described by its speed. The ability of a lens to gather light reflected from a subject and thus to produce a sufficiently bright image on the film is measured by the f-number of the lens. The f-number is the ratio […]

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Helicopters vs. V/STOL Aircraft

Difference Between Helicopters And V/STOL Aircraft Helicopters are craft that fly through the air using one or more rotating blades mounted on top to provide lift, thrust, and control. Since the blade rotates in one direction, the helicopter body tends to rotate in the other direction according to Newton’s third law of motion. Often, two […]

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Direct Broadcast Satellites (DBS) vs. Non-Broadcast Systems

Difference Between Direct Broadcast Satellites (DBS) And Non-Broadcast Systems Satellite transmissions are used to distribute television and radio programs from one geographic location to another within a single continent or across continents. Using satellites, programs originating anywhere in the world may be seen live in virtually any other country. Signals from these satellites can be […]

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Spreadsheet Vs. Database

Spreadsheet, computer programs developed for many types of financial and mathematical analysis. Spreadsheet programs are now one of the most popular types of programs on personal computers, including Apple, IBM, and IBM-compatible computers. Spreadsheet programs are used for storing, organizing, and calculating numerical data. From managing personal finances, such as checking and savings accounts, to […]

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Difference Between iFCP and FCIP Fibre Channel (FC) is the most widely used technology for storage networking. Data networking world is ruled by TCP/IP. FC and TCP/IP are two different worlds. Is there a way to send storage data across the omnipresent TCP/IP without losing the FC advantage? Is a connection between the two domains […]

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Android vs. iOS Security Features

Differences Between the Security Features of the Android and the iOS Android and iOS are the leading and most used operating systems in the world. It is therefore very important that they have good security features so that products that use them are safe.   What are the Security Features of the Android? Google doesn’t […]

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LCD vs. LED Monitors

Difference between LCD and LED Monitors  There was a time when the only TV and computer monitors were cathode ray tubes. However, since display and quality is important when we stare at the screens, different kinds of monitors such as LCD, LED, and Plasma have started to come out. Many people are confused about the […]

LCD Projector vs. DLP Projector

Difference between LCD Projector and DLP Projector Knowing the types of projectors is important if you are thinking of buying one for your home. There are two major kinds: the LCD projector and the DLP projector. Knowing the features of each of these projectors would help a lot in buying the perfect projector for you […]