Difference between LCD TV and LED TV  There are a lot of jargons being used in the television market that it becomes confusing to understand all of them. The most confusing, however, is the difference between LCD TV and LED TV. Technically, they are both LCD, or Liquid Crystal Display, TV’s. The main difference between them […]


Difference Between JDK and JRE JDK and JRE both have something to do with software and Java applications. However, there are many people that are confused with the functionality of each. What is JRE? JRE, also known as Java Runtime Environment, is what is needed to run Java applications. It is smaller in size and […]

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JSP vs. Servlets

Difference between JSP and Servlets Java Server Pages, or JSP, and Servlets are software components that are used in generating web pages. What is a Servlet? A servlet is a software component that is written in Java and runs in an environment known as a Servlet container. They are mainly used in generating web pages […]

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JSF2 vs. Seam3

Difference between JSF2 and Seam3 JSF2 and Seam3 are both application frameworks that are used to create the latest web applications. These applications are made my unifying and integrating different technologies that are available in the framework. The JSF2 is similar to the seam3 in the sense that they both integrate technologies to create web […]

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Google Plus (+) vs. Facebook

Difference between Google + Plus  and Facebook In the internet world google is undoubtedly the sole most giant from its birth. But in the field of social services, Google has failed to grab the social networking market. Facebook is undoubtedly the forerunner in the field of social networking with more than 750 million active users. […]

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Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) vs. Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) For Tablet

Difference Between Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) For Tablet Google Androids has taken the market by storm and is constantly inventing new mobile technologies. Android the 3.0 version of Honeycomb is mobile operating system with a platform designed especially for tablets with large screens. It was first introduced in the month of January […]

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Java vs. Javascript

Difference between Java and Javascript The internet nowadays is already said to be a right. Millions of people are hooked up into those social networking websites. We use the internet as reference, for entertainment or recreational activities, and even for banking or simply purchasing products online. But most individuals do not care to what some […]

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Java Vs. C++

Difference Between Java and C++   Java and C++ are both programming languages that are object oriented and object based, relatively. With the use of these applications, software programs are created and developed. For Java, software that is ecommerce in nature is developed whereas for C++, system software is created. Java was developed in 1990 […]

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Java Vs. C Language

Difference Between Java and C Language   These two are the same in that they are both computer languages used to develop software. Java is used for applications involved in ecommerce while C language is used for system software. The C language was developed in 1972 by Bell Laboratories. This was originally designed for the […]

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Google Android 2.3 vs. Microsoft Windows Phone 7

Google Android 2.3 and Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Two of the latest mobile phone operating systems are the Android 2.3 and Microsoft Windows 7 for phone. Contrary to what some believe, Microsoft’s Windows 7 for phone was is not an upgrade of its previous Windows Mobile 6, but was actually developed from scratch. Android remains […]

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