TEMS (Transcutan Electronic muscle stimulation) Vs. TENS (Transcutan electronic nerve stimulation)

We can distinguish between the TEMS (Transcutan Electronic muscle stimulation) and TENS (Transcutan electronic nerve stimulation).
Transcutan means “through the skin.” The main purpose of TENS is to reduce pain. This occurs when the electrical impulses are sent across the great pain leading nerves. The impulses that go along nerves and carry information about pain to the brain are disturbed and thus blocked which results in reduced pain.
An important difference between the TEMS and TENS is the position of electrodes. The TEMS be placed on the motor points and the muscle length near the tendons. The TENS place an electrode on each side of the nerve. For example, one on each side of the spine up or down.
The special TENS machines for pain relief is so small that they can be worn on the body to reduce chronic pain.
TEMS-treatment is also used for pain relief. This happens in two ways.
1. The electrodes can be placed on each side of the spine, for example on the neck. This is seen in combination programs where some pads are attached to the tendons and some across the spine.
2. Muscle movements releasing substances in the blood that seems a pain relief, the so-called endorfinenen also called the body’s natural morphine. The TEMS is the motor nerve centers in the muscles stimulated. The TENS is not divided into two pulses but come together so that you do not get the same muscle contractions as the TEMS.

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