The Difference Between Advise and Advice

Advise vs Advice

Advise and advice refer to the act of helping someone by giving them suggestions for ways to solve a problem, they do have distinct differences. Each one is a different form of British English language grammar. Advise is a verb and advice is a noun. In American English, though, there is not a lot of difference.

“Can you give me some advice on how I should proceed in this matter?” In this sentence, the word “advice” is a noun because it is referring to a specific thing.

“Would you be able to advise me on how to proceed in this matter?” In this sentence, the word “advise” is a verb because it is an action word – something that someone has to do.

The main difference between the words “advice” and “advise” lies in the way they are pronounced. In advice, the letter “c” is soft and is pronounced so that it has the same sound as the letter “s”. In the word advise, the letter “s” is pronounced like the sound of “z”.

Advice is used to refer to the opinion of another person about a question or a problem that you pose. Advise is the act of giving this opinion. Advice is a word that is used on a daily basis, but advise is not used very often. Both refer to counseling someone on some way.