The Harry Potter Series for Kids vs. Adults

Difference between the Harry Potter Series for Kids and Adults

Harry Potter series are popular in every age group ranging from kids to adults. The series has enchanted many with its incantations and spelt its magic cast to captivate the heart of millions across the world regardless of the ages, genders and nationality. The series has ceased the boundaries yet drew a line between the demographics of target readers known as the Harry Potter Series for Kids and the Harry Potter Series for adults.  The article intends to figure out the difference between both series.

The publication of Harry Potter series for kids is the lighter version intended to meet the fascination of kids. It has larger visual appeal and caters to young generation. In fact, from the cover page of the book, it is visible that the book is for kids. The cover is colorful and the book has graphic representation of the story as well.

The book’s adult version targets age group more than 18. The book has darkness in appearance. It is though, said to be only printed in UK only.   The content however, for both of published version is same. There is same story and same protagonists. The difference is only the colorful cover page and graphical representation of the story in kids’ version. Yes, the adult version publication has smaller font size of the content too.

The kids’ version is available all around but the Harry Potter Series for adults is available in the UK.