Theft vs. Burglary

Difference Between Theft and Burglary

Theft and Burglary are often confused as the words giving the same direction. It is of course true that both the burglary that the theft are liable for punishment but they have different meanings.

Both differ in terms of intention. Theft is believed not to have any specific intention while burglary has a specific intention. In theft the thief deprives the owner of a property from using it. A specific intent is seen in a burglary. In short we can say that a robber entered the premises or a building with a specific intent.

The theft can take a place even at public place such as a picnic spot while burglary does not occur in a public place such as a picnic spot.

In other words we can say that a person who steals some money from a common place like a hotel can not be accused of burglary. This would be an example of theft because the thief steals money from the room while it will be burglary if money is taken with force by entering the premises of the owner of a property.

Punishment given for theft is different from that awarded to the burglary. The burglary is considered as a crime while the flight is considered mischief. This is a significant difference between the two. This shows that burglary is an offense more serious when compared to the theft. Theft is punishable based on the value of the stolen object.


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