Then Vs. Than

Difference Between ‘Then’ and ‘Than’

Then’ is an adverb which points out time period. For example, “Life was great then when we had no responsibilities”. The preposition ‘then’ is introduced in the second part of a sentence. For example, “She is more beautiful than her sister. ‘Than’ can be used as a comparison.” Today is hotter than yesterday”. It can also be used to indicate distance.

Than is also used to indicate sequence of events. For example, “no sooner had I reached there then the firing started”.

On the other hand ‘then ‘can be used to point out the next event in a series of events. He drank tea then he ate his breakfast. Then can also indicate the result of a particular situation. For example, “if I pass the exam then I will give a party”.

‘Then’ sometimes act as an information provider like “he came here then I met the police”. The adverb ‘Then’ is also used to give brief outline of something like “this then is harmful”. To begin and end a dialogue ‘then’ is used like “ok then I have to proceed”. The proper usage of ‘than ‘and ‘then’ should be clearly studied and not confused.

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