There Vs. Their

Difference Between ‘There’ and ‘Their’

The words ‘there’ and ‘their’ are considered as homonyms.” Both sound the same. But there is wide difference when seen from a grammatical point of view.

‘There’ can be used widely as an adverb, noun, and pronoun. It has its existence since 900 B.C. When used as an adverb it describes a verb, as an adjective it implies the location of the position of a noun. It may often have emphatic use like “put the pencil over there”. So the word ‘there ‘has variegated roles to play.

‘Their’ is the possessive form of the pronoun’ they’. Between 1150 and 1200 it saw its evolution. If the gender of a person is not known then ‘their’ is used as a substitute for his or her. For example “someone left their bags”. It is sometimes used to replace ‘his’ or ‘her’ in the event that the gender of the individual is being referred to is unknown.

Some examples:

It is their house.

There is a beautiful house.

Both have links with Middle English and the Old English. Homonyms like ‘there’ and ‘their ‘must be clearly read to know about their differences and similarities.Various online websites will provide us with lots of information about  the nature of homonyms and their functions.


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