Therefore vs. Thus

Difference Between Therefore and Thus

Thus and therefore are believed to convey the same meaning but there is a difference between the two words.

One of the main differences between the uses of these two words is that ‘thus’ is used informally while therefore is used in a formal sense. Look at the two sentences:

1. She was therefore unable to avoid an argument.

2. Everything thus went on smoothly.

In the first sentence is ‘therefore’ is used in a formal sense. In the same way, ‘thus’ is used formally in the second sentence. ‘Therefore’ implies ‘for that reason’ now the first sentence means it was for that reason unable to avoid an argument’. It is also means ‘consequently’ and ‘accordingly’.

‘Thus’ is used in to mean ‘in this way’ and that’s why the second sentence would mean ‘Everything in this way went on smoothly. It is interesting to note that ‘thus’ also means ‘as indicated’ and sometimes in the sense of ‘therefore’ too.

As per the rules of grammar these words are used as adverbs in English.

Terms like ‘thus much’ and ‘thus far’ and are also used in the different meanings. On the other hand ‘therefore’ is used only as an adverb and that too independently.


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