Thesis vs. Dissertation

Difference between Thesis and Dissertation

A thesis needs to be maintained or proved. It is a dissertation and a consolidated proposition of an argument or research. On the other hand, a dissertation is an exposition which states a new POV as a result from some research. Though, students have the advantage to put their remarks in it. Thesis is the analysis of an existing subject or literature corroborated with the thorough research of a student whereas dissertation is the analysis of an existing subject as well but without a student researching for the facts.

The two terms, however differ a lot and are not interchangeable. Academically, at the end of the master’s degree, dissertation is submitted whereas thesis is submitted at the end of a PhD. Thesis include the research findings of a student. It also expects student to contribute the new findings of the research in the study. In dissertation, however, students collect the information or data and analyze it. The thoughts can also be put in a dissertation. Dissertation is meant for masters, so, a lesser degree than thesis.

In some countries, across world, the two terms are interchangeable. First, a student needs to earn a dissertation degree and then, thesis. In some universities, to earn the degree of Master of Philosophy, one needs to complete a dissertation. After that, the thesis submission earns a student the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

Ensure that, as a student, you have submitted a hypothesis or summary of your undergoing thesis to earn Doctorate degree. It is the main and crucial points related to your research ‘in-a-nutshell’.