Thought vs. Imagination

Difference Between Thought and Imagination

Thought and imagination are two words that are often confused because of the similarity in their sage and meaning but they have many differences between them.  Thought is referred to the mental impression or a mental process that continues to happen unless it is controlled. On the other hand the imagination is a thought that is made by voluntary effort. This is the main difference between thought and imagination.

Imagination is always voluntary in the sense. You make an effort to imagine things passionately or effortlessly. Look at the sentences

1. She imagined she was flying in the sky.

2. He imagined as if he lived in a palace.

In both the sentences given above ‘imagine’ indicates the sense of forceful thinking. In the first sentence the word ‘imagine’ is used to indicate the sensethat she has strongly believed that she was flying in the sky. ‘In the second sentence the word’ imagine ‘is used to indicate the sense that’ he strongly believed that lived in a palace. ”

It is important to note that the imagination must come to an end after a time while thoughts continue to occur until they are completely controlled. Great sages of the past have done everything possible to control their thoughts. A thought is a flow while imagination is a creation. This is the most important difference between the two words.

It is interesting to note that both the words are followed by the preposition ‘about’ and ‘of’. Verb form of thought is ‘think’ and that of imagination is ‘imagine’. These are the differences between the two words ‘imagination’ and ‘thought’.


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