Tiger vs. Leopard

Difference between Tiger and Leopard

Tiger and Leopard are wild animals and precursors of domesticated cat or feline family. These can also be found in zoo and wildlife sanctuary.

Tigers, one of the largest felines, have rusty red code with white in the median areas. They can gain 500 pounds.  Their brown- or black stripes are the distinguishing factor. These are territorial and stay aloof. On the contrary, leopard is the smallest member of the cats’ family and weighs almost 140 pound. They have robust body and are able to kill the prey double their sizes and weights. Active and stealthy, they have longer and strong body with shorter legs.

Leopards, unlike tigers’ stripes have spots on the body. A tiger is a good swimmer but a leopard shows excellent skills when it comes to climb trees. Among the cat family of tigers, lions, jaguars and leopards- leopards are the smallest and tigers are the biggest family members. Leopards are longer than tigers. They are also active and faster than tigers.

Both of them are an integral part of nature and ecosystem. Their reckless wild hunting has reduced their existence to mere numbers.