Tight vs. Loose

If you are a fashionista, you may be aware of the disaster that a tight or loose fit can impose on a costume. However, both of these terms- loose and fit can be used to explain many other situations concerning ‘fitness’ related to a specific thing.

Tight means firmly fixed or fastened at its place. The costume or an object is stretched fully to its extent or completely fits right to the skin. For instance, take the example of tight grip or tight pair of trousers when you need to ask the salesman for one size bigger.  The word ‘tight’ is used to describe poor financial situation or very good or emotionally close relationship. For example, ‘I am tight’ or ‘the ballet dancers were really tight on stage.’

Loose, on the other hand is the opposite of tight and denotes the clothes or things that are not fixed properly. Example this- ‘the bolts of the doors are loose’ or ‘the lid of the container is loose’ are both the hypothetical instances to use the word ‘loose’. This word is also used to describe less sexual restraints of an individual such as loose character or he is a loose man.

Tight and loose are opposites of each other. They are completely unrelated and are ‘poles-apart’. So, the proper meaning should be known before one starts using them.