To vs. Too

The difference between to and too

To and too are extensively used and confused words in the English language. These two words are pronounced similarly but are different when it comes to their usage.

Too implies the intensity of a situation, for instance- It is too hot today. The word ‘it’ expresses the gravity of a situation. Too is also used as an adjective in this sentence. On the other hand, ‘to’ is a preposition used to imply destination or place. Such as- He is going to England today. It is the dative case during declension of nouns. To mention a state in an example, the word ‘to’ can be used. For instance, ‘He played the shot to perfection’. It is also used to imply the receiver. ‘She gave the book to her friend. It can also be used to describe the relationship between two persons. ‘He is elder to his brother.’ ‘He is married to my cousin.’ ‘To’ is used as an infinitive.

‘Too’, as stated is used to describe the extent of a situation.  ‘It was too dark to go venture outside.’ ‘Too’ is used to describe ‘also’. ‘I want to go too.’ This is used to convey ‘very’ as well. For instance, ‘He was too sure about the fate of his decision.’