To Vs. Too

Difference Between To And Too

To and Too, both are extremely important parts of English grammar, with similar sounds and alphabets but with total difference. To is an adverb, a preposition, and a marker and on the other hand too is an adverb.

“To” implies the following:

Towards something or in the direction of something, for example, I ran to the ambulance for help.

Mentioned from something, for example, keep the fork to the left of the plate

As far as something, for example, the country side led down to the stream.

Reaching a particular state, for example, the Taj Mahal was constructed to wonder.

To show the end of a limit or time, for example, I have been working nonstop from 1AM to 11 PM.

Before the start of something, for example, how long to walk.

Used to show a receiver, for example, I gave the pen to my friend.

Affected by something, for example, Rajni is devoted to Lord Krishna

Attachment or connection of two things, for example, attache this photograph to the documents.

A relationship, for example, he is engaged to an Indian.

Too also implies the following:

At the conclusion of a sentence to mean also, for example, can I take too?

Comment on something that makes it worse, for example, she lost her wallet last month and her credit card too.

Very, for example, I am not too sure if this relationship will continue.

To emphasize and emotion, for example, I should donate too.



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