Ton vs. Tonne

Difference Between Ton and Tonne

If you ask someone the difference between a ton and a tonne, it is likely most people believe they are one and the same. Both are measurement units of weight used commonly around the world. However, a tonne is also used in concurrence with the metric system where a ton is used to denote 1000 kg. Let us discover the differences to two tons.

As mentioned above, 1 Ton contains 1000 kg, while a ton has two thousand pounds. Since 1 kg is equal to 2,204 pounds a ton is less than 1 tonne by just a small number of kilograms.

One ton = 2.204 x1000 = 2204 pounds

Ton is used mainly in the United States and it has 2000 pounds. If we try to calculate its value in kilograms, it is about 910 kg.

In the old British system of weights,

14 pounds = 1stone,

8 stones= 1 hundredweight,

20 hundredweight=1 ton.

Or, One ton= 20 hundredweight= 8 X20 stone = 14X 8X 20 pounds= 2240 pounds

This implies that 1 ton has 2240 pounds. On conversion, it is close to 910 kg. To conclude, a ton is less than one tonne by approximately 90 kg.


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