Townhouse vs. Duplex

The difference between a townhouse and a duplex

Townhouse and duplex differ from each other by the way they are constructed. A duplex is a two storey building with separate entrances for two families while a townhouse consist of several apartments on one floor with separate entrances for each apartment.

Duplex is characterized as a residential building with a single terrace for all the appartments whereas a townhouse characerised as a residential colony with a separate terrace for all the apartments. A townhouse is said to be a residential building characterized by terraces. For this reason a townhouse is more often than not is called as a terrecial construction apartment.

Duplex houses are multi storey houses which has side by side apartments on each floor. In a duplex there is a common wall shared by apartments on each floor. A townhouse is similar to the old form of colonial apartments wherein several apartments were built on a single plot of a with each apartment built at a certain distant from the other.

In western countries a duplex is considered as a bungalow or a mansion which has a single dwelling connected by a common staircase. A township has several dwellings for each building and each of these dwellings is common to several buildings.

In a township the dwellings are placed on single floor with separate entrances for each dwelling. Most importantly in a township several apartments have entrance to a single dwelling. On the contrary in a deluxe the dwellings has two units which are placed one above the other with a separate entrance.

In a township the each apartment owner is a shareholder in the land underneath whereas in a duplex single person owns the whole land. A duplex is of two units whereas a township is of a single floor with more side way by side units.