Townhouse vs. Duplex

Difference between Townhouse and Duplex

Townhouse and duplex are two different construction terms. A duplex is a residential construction that has apartments and house of two families. To facilitate the living, it has two different entrances for each. The apartments in the duplex could be self contained or side by side on each floor. In some countries, duplex is also refer to as a maisonette or single abode connected by an inbuilt staircase to reach second floor.   Duplex with two dwelling units, one above other,

A townhouse, on the other hand unlike duplex, has terrace. Because of the presence of terrace in a townhouse, it is also called terraced housing construction where apartments are placed side by side. It can be understood more as a terraced apartment building. It is a single building where several families reside and share selected spaces. Each family has separate entrance and one is the owner of land underneath whereas in Duplex the owner has separate land right for each floor of the two.

In a nutshell, the difference between the two can be understand as duplex with two resident units with a separate entrance whereas townhouse has several dwelling units along with separate entrance for each family.