Townhouse vs. Villa

Difference between Townhouse and Villa

Townhouse and villa are two different types of housing styles or patterns. A terraced residential building is called townhouse whereas a large central building along with all amenities such as warehouses or stables is called villa. The mentioned description is of as per Roman construction. Villa, unlike townhouse is not terraced. Townhouse is more of a sophisticated and urbane or contemporary housing pattern.

Beautiful gardens and breathtaking landscapes surround villa. A villa is located at more peaceful and serene location such as countryside. The townhouse can be seen in cities or in more crowded areas. A villa generally is a self functioned and self sufficient designed. A townhouse is meant for several residents. You can see townhouse made in complexes in Australia and South Africa.  In a complex made townhouse, there are amenities like swimming pools, gyms and parks around in the vicinity.

A villa, in Roman age, was meant for upper class aristocrats in the outer areas of capital cities whereas townhouses were designed for working class.  The townhouse and villas are both outdated and archaic style from construction point of view.