Transfer Paper for Light Shirts vs. Dark Shirts

Difference between Transfer Paper for Light Shirts and Dark Shirts

Transfer paper for light shirts and dark shirts are cost effective and used to produce quality shirts by putting artworks, photos or graphics on shirts. These can help you to embark on creative side of yours without burning a hole in your pocket.

Transfer paper for light shirts

This is for light or white-colored fabrics. The transfer paper for light shirts is transparent. Before finally putting the artwork on shirt, one needs to create the mirror image of the desired artwork in software. One can use special software created for this purpose only or reverse the settings of printer. The transfer papers used for light shirts are Inkjet, color laser, and sublimation. A clear film of paper indicates that it doesn’t have any color on it.

Transfer paper for dark shirts

Transfer paper for dark shirts, as the name implies, is used for dark-colored fabrics. White in color, one just needs to put the artwork and then, print it out. Generally, these are Teflon sheets which melt at once when heat is applied to the design imprinted on them.

Transfer paper for light shirts needs to be printed as a mirrored image whereas transfer paper for dark shirts can be put directly.