Unit vs. Townhouse

Difference between Unit and Townhouse

In different countries, different structures are attributed to a townhouse. For instance, a terraced building in North America is known as townhouse whereas in Australia, a contemporary housing with a terrace style is called a townhouse or terraced housing complexes. You can spot such traditional townhouses in New York even today.

On the contrary, a unit is stands on ground level with a garden or courtyard. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a terraced building or multi-storied. In unit, the building is an important part of the landscape whereas in a townhouse, the importance goes to terrace. It refers to independent housing style and individual housing.

In Australia, Asia and South Africa, townhouse complexes can be seen easily.  One can find parks, playgrounds for kids, swimming pools and gym in the surroundings. Whilst a unit is an independent construction and a self contained autonomous house, and also called duplex sometimes.  Townhouses can be converted in apartments or tenements but units cannot be converted into tenements. If one wishes so, only demolishment is the only way to do so.

Also, in some cities, townhouses are used as official residences of aristocrats. These can only be found in capitals cities of countries.