Values vs. Goals

Difference Between Values and Goals

Values ​​and goals are two important words that must be understood thoroughly. They must be understood as two different words with different connotations.

Values ​​are principles that are given importance and are considered important in life. Goals are other objectives that people should strive hard to accomplish.

One of the main differences between the values ​​and goals is a goal is absolutely personal, while the values ​​are impersonal. On the other hand, the values ​​are universal. Human values ​​are universal, for example in the character. They do not apply to a single individual. The values ​​are applicable to the company in droves.

The goal applies to the single individual. In fact we can say that the goal alludes to the target an individual strives hard to achieve in his life. It is well understood that the purpose is as a target until it is achieved or accomplished. On the other hand, the values ​​are there to be adhered to.

The adherence to truth, nonviolence, non-injury, helping the distressed and needy and honesty are some of the values ​​of human life. We do not call them goals. Values ​​must be followed and adhered to by humans for the interests of society while living in.

On the other hand a goal to be achieved or accomplished by an individual for personal glory as in the sentence ‘My aim is accomplished’. The goal often refers to a condition or state. Consider the two sentences given below:

1. The purpose of life is to attain salvation.

2. The goal is to reach the country’s independence.

In both sentences the word ‘goal’ refers to a condition or state. In the first sentence the word ‘order’ refers to a state while in the second sentence the word ‘ goal ‘ refers to a condition.


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