Vampires vs. Zombies

Difference between vampires and zombies

The two terms vampires and zombies are deadly different. Jokes apart, both –vampires and zombies rise back from death, yet the route opted to gain existence is different.

A part of Slavic mythology, vampires are evil in nature. Sucking blood from the living creatures, these are conscious of the every move they make. On the other hand, zombies are dead bodies which are brought back to life by an evil magician. These are part of African American folklore as well as the Caribbean. Zombies serve at the command of the evil magician that brought life in them. In all zombies’ movies, you may have seen them acting weird and looking for living beings to eat their flesh. Though, you cannot even find a trace of all this any corresponding literature. Also, nothing has been said about putting them back to death.

On the contrary, vampires are hungry for blood. They need blood for their survival. They are out in night looking for their prey, while in daytime they sleep as exposure to Sunlight can be dangerous and deadly for them. It has been portrayed and described that lack of blood makes them weak.

Vampires on the other hand move about in search of warm blood. They are described as lovers of sleep in day time. Vampires are described as growing weak in the absence of blood. They are said to die by the exposure to sunlight. It is quite interesting to note that there is no substantial evidence to prove the existence of either a vampire or a zombie.

It needs to be clear that there has been no substantial evidence to prove the very existence of either of these two. Vampires lust for blood and act on their own will whereas zombies are at the command of the evil sorcerer who wants to use them for his selfish motives.