Vanilla Extract vs. Vanilla Flavoring

Difference Between Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Flavoring

Two of the most common things used to provide the vanilla essence, vanilla extract and vanilla flavoring are used to make sweet dishes like pastries, cakes, etc so that all the flavors of the ingredients are enhanced.

Vanilla extracts is the bona fide stuff that is taken out from the pods of vanilla by making use of alcohol.  Having a rich flavor they are very long lasting. Unlike wine which rots and the taste gets enhanced as each year goes on. However the vanilla extracts are very expensive in nature that comes in a price of $5. So they common people cannot afford it that much.

The vanilla flavorings are artificial flavorings that originate from the pulp or any by-products and not from real vanilla beans. They undergo chemical change while getting processed in the factory, thus they are potentially harmful. However as they are very cheap related to the vanilla extracts people favor them more.

Though both of these stuffs can increase the quality of the cooked food, they are hugely different. The vanilla extracts are real stuffs coming from the natural vanilla pods while vanilla flavorings are made from artificial stuffs and are also processed chemically. The vanilla extract manages to deliver a more enhanced and rich taste. However they are quite expensive. This is the very reason people and even some chefs use vanilla flavorings to prepare their food stuffs.


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