Vatican 1 vs. 2

Difference Between Vatican 1 and 2

Vatican 1 and Vatican 2 were the consecutive ecumenical councils held in 19th and 20th centuries to define the relation of the Roman Church with the world. The purpose of the two was to find out the contradictions. The progressive have manipulated Vatican 2 in the same way the conservative had done with Vatican 1. It took generations to understand the clarifications given by Vatican 1. It is the same with Vatican 2.

Both of the councils were held under two different Popes and were held about in 100 years gap. It was Pope Pious IX who ratified Vatican 1 while Pope Paul VI ratified Vatican 2. The first was curtailed by a war. So, Vatican 2 can be considered to be the continuation of the Vatican 1 and intended to finish what the Vatican 1 left unfinished.

Vatican 1 advocates the principle of Papal infallibility. So, it is impossible to contradict other council’s doctrines because of this principle. Both the councils have put forward the documents which have been restated and drawn from ancient church doctrines. Church is considered as the depositary of the faith. Vatican 2 was the longer. It produced large number of documents because of the increase in the Christian population. One common thing between the two is that both of them have put forward the rules of governing the Church in modern times.


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