Vegetarian vs. Vegan

Difference between Vegetarians and Vegans

A person who abstains from meat, seafood, fish and poultry is called vegetarian whereas vegan is a person who doesn’t eat anything produced or derived by animals. For instance, a vegan would not even consume honey, yeast, milk or butter. The clothes derived from animals are also a big no-no for vegans. A vegetarian, on the other hand, is a bit relaxed and only would not eat animal meat or poultry products. The term ‘vegetarian’ goes to the extent of diet only.

A vegan is a sort of animal activist. He would campaign against sacrificing animals for food. Be it sandal, clothes or furniture, animal product would not be allowed or used by him or in his house whereas a vegetarian person would only consider his diet and would be least concerned about animal made fabrics, furniture or shoes.  He would not be any animal activist.  Except eggs, fish, seafood and meat, he would easily consume yeast products, milk and honey.  A vegan inadvertently is an animal activist.

Due to such diverse attitude in vegetarianism, the vegetarians are divided into different categories. A vegetarian who sometimes gorge on fish is called a semi-vegetarian. A person who doesn’t eat egg is vegan and classified as an ovo-vegetarian. A vegan who abstains from dairy products is called a lacto-vegetarian. A vegan, who does not fish or poultry but consumes milk and eggs, is called ovo-lacto-vegetarian.  It is to be noted that ovo-lacto-vegetarians form the major chunk of vegetarian community.