Verbs vs. Nouns

Difference Between Verbs and Nouns

Nouns and Verbs are two words in the English language Used with difference. In fact both of them are two kinds of parts of speech used in grammar. A verb denotes action whereas a noun denotes a name. This is the main difference between the two parts of speech, namely nouns and verbs.

A noun denotes the name of a person, a place or a thing as the words in Francis, London and chair. Francis Is the name of a person, London is the name of a place and chair is the name of a thing. Hence all the three words are called as nouns.

A verb on the other hand denotes any kind of action such as ‘eating’, ‘dancing’, ‘writing’, ‘swimming’ etc. Any thing we do or perform that can be explained by words called ‘verbs’.

It is interesting to know that nouns and verbs combine to form complete sentences. Observe The Two sentences

1. Francis reads a book.

2. Angela gives a fruit to Adam.

In the first sentence you can find Francis is a noun, ‘reads’ is a verb and both of them are nicely used in completing a sentence. In the same way in the second sentence Angela Is the noun and the word ‘gives’ is a verb and both of them combine nicely to form a complete sentence. In the second sentence you can find another noun called ‘fruit’. It takes the position of object in a sentence.

Hence it is understood that can be used either nouns as a subject or object as a year in a sentence. A verb normally connects a subject to an object. On the other hand both the subject and object can be interest rated as ‘nouns’. These are the difference between verbs and nouns.


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