Viber vs. Vonage facebook application

Difference Between Viber and Vonage facebook application

Viber and Vonage Facebook application are VoIP applications which are for smart phones and tablets which use Apple iOS or Android OS. These applications are made for providing the facility of free calls once these applications are installed in the devices.

Viber is iPhone application and users can download it from apple store and install it. The contacts in your phonebook are synchronized with the application and you can use them for making calls. It uses you data plan for making calls and Viber users can make free calls to each other as soon as they are connected to internet. Android version of Viber application was expected to be launched in March 2011.

The popularity of Facebook has increased the popularity of vonage as well. In 2010 there were almost 500 Million users of Facebook. Vonage can be installed on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and all other Android devices. It is a VoIP application which uses WI-FI connectivity or mobile data. As this uses Facebook credentials, you need not remember their phone numbers because when you make call or get call from someone in your Facebook friend list then you can see his or profile picture on your screen.

Currently you can make free calls to all the people who have Vonage on their device but soon you may have the facility to make calls to any mobile phone through VoIP at reduced rates. It is easy for Vonage to start VoIP calling facility because it is already in the voice business for quite some time now.

Differences between Viber and Vonage Facebook application:

  • Viber uses your phone number for registration and sends code to your phone number to confirm it. Vonage Facebook app uses Facebook credential for your registration.

Viber synchronizes with your address book and tags the names of the people who have viber installed on their phone. Vonage uses Facebook API for user login.

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