Violin vs. Guitar

Difference Between Violin and Guitar

Two kinds of musical instruments are very popular among musicians namely violin and guitar. Evidently, they have different characteristics and features. For instance, a violin is an instrument with four strings, tuned in perfect fifths. It is played with a bow whereas guitar is an instrument which is played by plucking on its string by a pick or fingers.  A bow is used in violin only.

Musicians sometimes also term violin as fiddle. Different types of woods are used to make violin whereas electric violins are not wooden. On the other hand, apart from wood, guitars are also made of polycarbonate substances. The strings are nylon or steel made.  Viola and cello are classified as violin related instruments.

Violin is played majorly in classical music, folk, baroque music, jazz and rock and roll music whereas musical genres of blues, country, jazz, rock, reggae and pop see heavy use of guitar music.