Vision vs. Mission

Difference Between Vision and Mission

When it comes to the meaning and connotation of vision and mission, even most of the corporate honchos would be unable to spot the difference. These two terms reflect the value of an organization and goals in the years to come. The actions performed by an organization through different methods and concepts can be summed up as mission.

In simple words, an action related to a company or group of people who have come together for a common cause is called mission whereas vision can be described as a goal of an individual, firm or company.  Mission is more about the actions of a social organization, NGO or a political firm. Sometimes, actions performed to achieve a certain goal is called mission.  It is always used in broader sense whereas vision is limited to individual aspirations only.

Visions can be unclear or change in due course of time whereas mission is purposeful and clear. The goal, performance and actions neither change nor are subject to outward conditions when it comes to mission. One’s vision depends on the conditions one encounters. Mission can be universal in nature whereas vision is individualistic in nature. A mission can have vision, and hence, vision and mission have somewhat common context. Vision is a sunset of mission. However, a vision cannot have mission.

It is to be noted that if some persons join a mission, they will be part of a same vision. Some many missions can work towards a common vision too.  In political science and social scene, this scenario is not uncommon. Mission can be formed out of social and religious perspectives as well whereas vision is related to individualistic development and growth.