Visualization vs. Image Processing

Difference Between Visualization and Image Processing

While both are image producing methods in printed version or in a monitor, they do so using the help of a sketches or signals. Both are quite different and so are their applications and uses.

Basically a technique that is used for image creation process, visualization helps in communication. Visualization has earlier been used to keep historical records so that people may find it in the future. In the past when typography was not that advanced, people used to write in scripts like the hieroglyphics which is an example of visualization.

Image processing which is all about the treatment of an image so that the image quality becomes better, happens through signal processing. This process relates the digital dispensation of the photograph and high technology gadgets are used. Optical and analog image processing is also done.

Visualization involves the creation of images while image processing is all about effects that result in the betterment of an image. Paintings, sketches, cave drawings etc are instances of visualization whereas photographs and video frames are elements for image processing. No matter what is the technique that is used, the ultimate result in case of visualization is an image while image processing may lead to an image or qualities that are related to the original image. Modern art, science, multimedia follow visualization principles while image processing is applicable to computer sciences technologies and engineering.


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