Windows 7 Home Basic vs Windows 7 Home Premium

The difference between Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows 7 Home Premium The most recent operating system of Windows is the Windows 7. There are two selections on this system in order for those budget conscious costumers to fit in. These are namely the Home Basic and the Home Premium. Upon reading these two terms, […]

Conference vs Meeting

The difference between Conference and Meeting Both are terms that are used in setting up certain people for some matters to discuss on. If you take a look on the dictionary, the two of these doesn’t differ that much as they are almost a synonym. Still they differ in some way so let’s classify them. […]

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Sore Throat vs Strep Throat

The difference between Sore Throat and Strep Throat I guess everyone in this world had an experience having pain on the throat or loss of voice for a couple of days. We tend to call it Sore throat but sometimes it is also called Strep throat. So which is which? Sore Throat A sore throat […]

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Pistol vs Riffle

The difference between Pistol and Riffle Pistols are sometimes mistaken as riffles and so as to riffles are mistaken as pistols. We see them in films, cops, and mostly whenever we see a security guard on the mall. Well both are actually guns but in different categories. Let us carefully differentiate the two. Pistol A […]

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Natural Gas vs Propane

The difference between Natural Gas and Propane Although there are still some people who are mostly uncivilized that use charcoal or wood as their main fuel in cooking, the majority nowadays are gases. Two of the most popular ones are the Natural Gas or Propane. They dissipate into the air since they are both gases. […]

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Wiki vs Wikipedia

The difference between Wiki and Wikipedia Gathering or storing of information about certain things is done in the internet by millions in a daily basis. Whenever we look up for a landmark or something that involves history, most of us refer to Wikipedia. But what we don’t know is that, Wikipedia is not unique, as […]

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Oppression vs Possession

The difference between Oppression and Possession You may or you may not believe in Demons. They are really popular not just in movies, but in real life as well. Demons are said to be the creatures from hell. They are forms of evil spirits that have the ability to control or influence an individual in […]

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Wizard vs Warlock

The difference between Wizard and Warlock As what most of us know, especially those who are fun of playing those magical fantasy games and seeing movies as well, a wizard and a warlock are both males that are spell casters. They primarily use magic in dealing with their mythical quests. There are also other terms […]

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Cebuano vs Visayan

The difference between Cebuano and Visayan If you’re not from the Philippines, or even heard of dialects in that country, you would most likely not know these two terms. For most Filipino citizens, they also tend to be confused between the two. Basically, they are both adjectives and are also used in describing the ethnic […]

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Wind Power vs Solar Power

The difference between Wind Power and Solar Power We should all be conscious about the world we are living in. The earth goes warmer day by day due to the damage the ozone layer receives. There are a lot of reasons on what causes this, one of those is the pollution that coal emits when […]

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