Vulva vs. Labia

Difference Between Vulva and Labia

The vulva is the external genital organ of a female. Labia refers to outer and inner folds of vulva.

The vulva is the whole genitalia of the female while Labia are the two parts that cover the entire genital tract.

Vulva has several parts like the labia major, the labia minor, vestibule, vestibule of vagina, clitoris, vaginal opening, larger/smaller vestibule glands, perineum, urethra and hymen. Outer lips are lip formations called the labia major and inner ones are labia minor.

External parts of the vulva that protects the internal reproductive organs is called the Labia. There is no particular function for vulva, but the various organs of the vulva have different functions.

Vulva has specific sexual functions stimulated in external bodies and is responsible for sexual desires. This is a body which gives sexual pleasure as well.

Vulva and labia are words that can be traced back to Latin. The vulva is derived from the origin in Latin called ‘volve’ and Labia is derived from another Latin word meaning lip.

Labia Majora is the fatty tissue covering vulva. Open sweat glands and oil glands are present in vulva.

Inner lips of vulva are known as Labia Minor. These labia minor protect internal organs (vagina, clitoris and urethra) of the vulva. Labia minor can vary from woman to woman. Some women have small lips that hide between the labia major. Labia Minor is set to drop in some women.



1 External genitalia of a female is called the vulva. Outer and inner folds of the vulva are called the Labia.

2 The vulva is a body which gives sexual pleasure and also is a giver of life.

4 The vulva is derived from the Latin word volve “Labia is derived from another Latin word meaning lip.



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