WAL Liposuction Vs. Conventional Liposuction

Difference Between WAL Liposuction And Conventional Liposuction

The main difference between the WAL / Body-jet method and the conventional liposuction is that you do not use either the heating of the tissue or heavy physical force to get fat cells to become detached. This means that tissue is exposed to minor trauma, which in turn is gentler and causes less bleeding and reduces the risk of side effects. What this in turn means is that the patient is usually free of pain and back at work after only a few days.

Another difference with Body-Jet is that the anesthetic solution is injected and sucked out all because fat absorbs it in different areas. This allows the patient’s body becomes less swollen and the surgeon can more easily predict and determine the outcome of treatment.
Body fat
Since the treatment of fat cells is so gentle with this method have shown that a very large number of fat cells are intact and can be moved to another part of the body where the patient wishes more volume.

To reuse the fat cells taken from one part of the body is not news in itself, but it has previously been very difficult to get fat cells to survive. With the new technology WAL / Body-jet we can move more intact fat cells. This means that more fat cells survive and there is a possibility for a lasting result, in the organ they are injected into.

This facility and technology development in body fat increases and broadens our capabilities regarding reconstructive surgery. One example is when we help patients who have had breast cancer with breast reconstruction. Based on previous treatment and the clinical situation, it can sometimes be difficult to implement a standard breast surgery with implants. Then body fat is a better solution. Thanks to this technology we can now help even more patients to find individual solutions and offer security, quality and care.

Every surgical procedure involves risks. Since it is difficult to predict how much of the transplanted fat cells can heal up, you may need further surgery to achieve a satisfactory result.


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