Walking vs. Running

Difference Between Walking And Running

Both walking and running (jogging) are physical exercise which a person performs to be physically fit. In these exercises, the time is important. The main advantage of time in jogging is that there is no risk of injury.  A person with 20-30 overweight is at relatively high risk of a denial of injury if he or she begins to jog or run without any preparatory training.

Walking can be called power walk. It is often sufficient to achieve the desired physical effects. But it requires that one should increase the speed when walking. Walking burns about 70% calories. It is less than jogging. We can understand it in this way. if you jog 5 km and burn this amount of calories,  you will have to walk 7 km to burn about as many calories. It also takes much longer to go 7 km compared to jog 5 km. So what makes the difference between the two is the time consumed. Walking takes longer time to achieve a physical effect while running or jogging takes less time to achieve the same result.

To sum up, walking is a nice, relaxed exercise and provides good option for more intense training. It is a good exercise to lose weight. One must take care of the diet if to achieve any significant results on the weight. Jogging or running on the other hand is a more intense exercise with the similar results. But if you don’t want to jog, walking will be the good option for that.

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