Wax Paper vs. Baking Paper

Difference Between Wax Paper and Baking Paper

Wax paper and baking paper are different in terms of making and nature. Though, both of them are mainly used in baking and cooking purposes.  The later sometimes, is also referred to as parchment paper.

For instance, baking paper is more heat resistant in comparison to wax paper. Bakers are known to use both types of paper but they prefer baking paper more to wax paper. The former is also non-sticky due to the layer of silicon on it, which makes it more preferred in baking purposes.  Baking paper is also costlier than wax paper. Instead of silicon, wax paper has a coating of paraffin wax.

Wax paper, on the other hand, is sticky and this makes it apt for greasing the pan before cooking. Both- baking paper and wax paper are used to cover plates and as food wrappers. These are also suitable for storage foods in refrigerator.

Wax Paper vs. Baking Paper

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