Weather vs. Whether

Difference between Weather and Whether

Weather and whether are two English words that are more often confused and interchanged despite the fact they have sea difference between them. Using weather instead of whether or vice versa, completely change the meaning of a sentence. These homonym words are pronounced similarly but have different usage and contexts. Weather denotes the gloomy, rough, hot and cold climate. Rough weather is also used to describe difficult situation in one’s life.  It is an idiomatic expression.

Weather is used to describe the temperature of the area or city one belongs to with the probability of some natural phenomena.  Such as “weather is nice today.”  It can denote rain, humidity, breeze, wind, clouds and anything that relates to climate.  On the other hand, whether is used to suggest the possibility of ‘to be or not to be.’  For instance, ‘I don’t know whether I am going to pass this exam or not.’ The 50-50 chances or probability is described by this word- probability. It also denotes the doubtful incidence. Whether is always used with ‘or such as profit or loss and good or bad.