Webpage vs. Website

Difference Between Webpage and Website

Most of the times, the words webpage and website are interchanged but surprisingly, these are different and cannot be interchanged because webpage is a part of much bigger website. A website may have a couple or hundreds of web pages attached to it through browsing links. Simply put, a website can be termed as a collection of numerous web pages. One can consider website as a book and webpage as a chapter in it.

In website, loads and tons of information is linked in form of web pages. A web page is a screenshot and a small part of website. Mainly the difference between a webpage and website is in following terms:


A website can be simple, from a single to multiple pages. For instance, Facebook has number of profiles which can be termed as web pages. SMEs usually go for small websites which have not more than three or four web pages. Though, it is true that a website can have only one webpage too.


It can be glossy or simple. Usually big companies have content like ‘about us’, work, portfolio, register and ‘contact us’ web pages. The content is specific and in the context of web pages.


The process of creation for a website and webpage is very much same.  A webpage has navigational link attached to the specific website.

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