Wedding vs. Marriage

Difference Between Wedding and Marriage

When a couple is getting married, it is a very sacred occasion. It is this occasion which is referred to as wedding. In short marriage is an act and wedding is the name given to the occasion where this act takes place. To many people, marriage and wedding is one and the same thing. But this is one of the biggest miss-conception that the people have. Wedding is the ceremony as a result of which two persons are tied together in a bond of marriage.

In other words we can say that wedding is a ceremony that is held in order to celebrate the fact that two people are coming together to enter into a sacred bond for a lifetime. A marriage is something that can be broken but a celebrated ceremony is not something that can be broken, because we often come across several people that have broken marriage due to incompatibility factors etc. But we never come across people who have broken weddings because a ceremony that has once taken [lace cannot be broken as it is an occurrence. Broken marriages result in the separation of a man and a woman who had promised to be together in a bond, to be with each other through thick and thin all throughout the life in the ceremony called the wedding. Wedding is simply a gesture where a man declares the fact that he has taken a woman to be his wife and will stand with her till death parts them. In short the ceremony of wedding is a kind of social and legal declaration of the fact that a man and women are bonded together in marriage as husband and wife through sacred rituals.

In short marriage is one of the biggest decisions made by a man and women and wedding is a part of many events and ceremonies that pave the way to a couple being married. Another important aspect that differentiates a marriage from wedding is that wedding is all about a social declaration of marriage and marriage is a personal affair.

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