Whereas vs. While

Difference Between Whereas and While

Whereas and while are two words that are often confused because of the close similarity in their meaning. At the same time it should be known that they are two words that should be used differently.

They are used to compare two items or facts. The word ‘whereas’ used to mean ‘on the other hand’ as in the sentences:

1. It is a little book whereas the other is a big one.

2. I failed in subject while I attended the special classes.

In above sentences the word ‘whereas’ used to mean ‘on other hand’ and the sentence means that ‘it is tiny book on the other hand the other is a large one,’ ‘your home a big one on the other hand my house is a small one’.

The word ‘While’ used in same sentence which means ‘at same time’

The Conjunction ‘while’ used to mean ‘during the time’ or used to mean ‘although’ as or ‘in spite of’.

The word ‘while’ mean’ in spite of ‘in following sentences:

1 We continued to play while it rained.

2. I was failed in subject while I attended classes.

In first sentence ‘while’ is used in manner of ‘in spite of’ and consequently the sense of sentence is that we continued to play in spite of rain.

The word ‘while’ is used in the manner of ‘during the time’ in the sentence:

Whilst I was entering the station the train left.

It must be noted that ‘while’ and ‘whereas’ are uses as conjunctions.   Word ’While’ can also be uses as noun in the sense of ‘period of time’ like in the sentences: ‘I didn’t meet her for a while,’  ’ I didn’t hear from you for quite a while.’ Whereas’ is usually used in the start of a sentence such as in legal documents as conditional statement. These are some vital distinctions among the two words, whereas and while and the differences should be cautiously studied.


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