Which vs. Who In English Grammar

Difference Between Which and Who In English Grammar

‘Which’ and ‘who’ are two words which may appear similar when you use them but they are different words and must be used cautiously. The word ‘Who’ is used for human beings whereas ‘Which’ is used for other living organisms like animals, plants and other objects. Both are used as interrogative and demonstrative pronouns but their usage is different.

We can understand their usage as demonstrative pronouns with the help of following examples:

  • The person who is driving the car is our driver.
  • The girl who lives next door
  • The bag which is full of peanuts.
  • The dog which is white in color.

Below mentioned examples are to help you in understanding their use as interrogative pronouns:

  • Who is writing the book?
  • Who is in the room?
  • Which is the best pen?
  • Who is the best person?
  • Which is the right direction?

We must clearly understand the difference between these two words and then use them appropriately.


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