Whole Wheat vs. Whole Grain

Difference Between Whole Wheat and Whole Grain

Do you think that whole wheat is same as whole grain? If you think so then you must read this article to find the differences between them.

  1. Whole grain has bran, endosperm and bran, which are elements of Kernel while whole wheat has the endosperm and does not have germ and bran because it is refined product of whole grain.
  2. Whole grain has dietary fiber, Vitamin E, antioxidants, B vitamin and unsaturated fat in very small quantity but these are not found in whole wheat because it lacks germ and bran.
  3. People find whole grain tastier and nutritionally superior to whole wheat because its taste and nutrition remain intact while whole wheat loses its taste and some nutritional elements in the refining process.
  4. Whole grain has dense texture while whole wheat has lighter texture because of refining.
  5. Whole grain is good for heart and diabetic patients because it is nicely absorbed by the body and easily digestible while whole wheat is not absorbed nicely by the body. It is considered that the dietary fiber content in whole grain is at least 4 times than any of the refined grains.
  6. Whole grain has shorter shelf life while whole wheat has longer shelf life.
  7. Fat content in whole grain is lower than whole wheat but it has more oil than whole wheat.
  8. Whole grain is costlier than whole wheat.


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