Wholemeal Bread vs. Wholegrain Bread

Difference Between Wholemeal Bread and Wholegrain Bread

Whole grain and whole meal breads are made from whole grain flour and are popular because of their healthy contents.  These are rich source of protein and are good for diabetic patients because these breads help in lowering the blood sugar level.

Wholemeal bread is made of whole wheat grain and it includes the bran of the wheat, its endosperm and germ. White breads contain only endosperm. This is why Wholemeal bread is healthier and good source of protein and reduces the risk of diseases like heart attacks, diabetes and cancer.

Wholegrain bread is made of grains without grinding and refining them. These are similar to wholemeal breads in terms of nutrient contents but people feel more satisfied and fuller after eating wholegrain bread.

There are two main differences between these two types of breads. Firstly, the grains are ground and refined and given fine texture before making wholemeal bread while the grains are neither ground nor refined for making wholegrain bread.

Secondly, Wholemeal breads are consumed because of their richness in proteins and carbohydrates while wholegrain breads are good for the people who want to control sugar level in their body.

The difference between these two breads is more a matter of choice than anything else.


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