Wifi Ready vs. Wifi Built in Blu-Ray Players

Difference Between Wifi Ready and Wifi Built in Blu-Ray Players

Wi-Fi ready devices are the devices which do not have any inbuilt adapter but can accept Wi-Fi connection. The adapter needs to be bought separately and connected through USB port and is not required if the device has an inbuilt adapter.

Many new and advanced Television sets and players were launched in the year 2010 and all of them had advanced technology to make the experience of watching movies more exciting.

Initially the players were connected through LAN but now most of them have Wi-Fi connectivity with inbuilt adapter. Some of the best examples in this category can be Samsung BD-C7900, Sony BDP-S770 and LG BX580 which can be connected to internet through Wi-Fi for accessing internet.

If your TV is not Wi-Fi enabled then these Wi-Fi enabled players can be used to get internet connectivity on your TV and enjoy large number of applications directly from the app stores. The charges for accessing internet, downloading and uploading the data and the speed will be according to the broadband connection and plan you have.

Difference between Wi-Fi Ready and Wi-Fi Built in Blu-ray players is that in case of Wi-Fi ready players you need to use an external adapter while in case of Wi-Fi Built in Blu-ray players it is already in the device and need not be used externally. This is why Wi-Fi Built in Blu-ray players are more convenient.


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