Winter Ball vs. Winter Formal

Difference Between Winter Ball and Winter Formal

Winter Ball and Winter formal have many things in common. Both of these are dance gatherings organized in winters are mainly for high school students. Most of the times these are hosted by their schools and the students wear formals while participating in these gatherings.

You can compare winter ball with prom where the participants wear a formal evening dress and dance and have fun. Winter ball does not mean that there will be ballroom dance. It may or may not be there. Winter balls are most of the times aimed at fund raising.

Winter formals are sponsored by schools where the students attending the event wear evening formal wear and dance preferably with the partner. It is held sometime between prom and homecoming events.

Some of the differences between winter ball and winter formals are:

  • Winter ball is not necessarily for high school students though mainly for them while winter formals are for high school students and is also known as Winterfest or Queen of hearts Dance.

Winter ball is mainly aimed at fund raising while winter formals are for social gathering. This is why winter balls may be organized by any organization and schools may be just one of them while winter formals are organized by schools.


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