Work vs. Job

Difference Between Work and Job

Work and job are two words that are often confused when it comes to their meaning and connotations. The work is normally referred to any kind of muscular effort that is put into action. On the other hand the word ‘job’ refers to an occupation for which you are paid a salary. This is the major dissimilarity between the two words ‘work’ and ‘job’.

In short we can say that the word ‘work’ is a subset of the word ‘job’. You will work in a job to receive the salary. This means that you will exercise your muscles to do the job given to as part of a job. Look at the two sentences

1. I completed my work in the evening.

2. The job fetches me a salary of $ 500 per month.

In the first sentence you can see that the word ‘work’ is used to mean ‘action’ that has been performed in the evening. The work which the speaker made ​​reference could be any kind of work related to the home or workplace. On the other hand the word ’employment’ in the second sentence is used in the sense of a regular work is done on a daily basis to earn a salary each month. It is not accurate to use the word ‘work’ in the place of the word ‘job’ in the second sentence.

‘The job will fetch me a salary of $ 500 each month’ may not communicate the correct idea. This is the essential difference amid the two words ‘work’ and ‘job’. Another important difference between the two words is that the word ‘work’ can also be used as a verb. On the other hand the word ‘job’ cannot be used as a verb, but can be used only as a noun.


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