Difference Between WSS and MOSS

WSS is Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and MOSS is Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007. Both these collaboration tools, designed by Microsoft, are used by businesses for sharing information and communication.  Made on .net platform, these software make the businesses take informed decisions according to the latest information available.

People who want to use these software find it difficult to differentiate between the two and find out the better option because both are capable of serving the purpose of management and better sharing. Here are the differences between them to help you in selecting one of these for your business.

  • WSS is basic while MOSS is advanced platform with features like business data connector, enhanced search, excel services and my sites.
  • WSS is available for free while you need to buy software for using MOSS.
  • WSS is included in the package when you install windows while MOSS is an independent program and is not included in the package.
  • WSS can be used for free once you install Internet Information Server (IIS), ASP.NET 2.0 and .NET 3.0 but you need MOSS standard or MOSS enterprise license for installing MOSS.
  • WSS is sufficient for meeting the requirements of small businesses while for large businesses you would require MOSS.

Apart from the above differences, the main difference lies in the capacity of these software to handle workload of different levels MOSS can handle additional workflow, manage web content, manage records, provide Excel services, advanced search, auditing, BDC and My Sites.

WSS is a better option for beginners because MOSS is little complex to be used efficiently by the beginners. Both of these can handle basic workflow, site provisioning, custom lists, discussions and document management.


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