Young People vs. Old People

Differences between young people and old people

Young and old People are two different sections or age-groups recognized in the society on their preferences, nature, likes or dislikes and behaviors.  Young people are adventurous whereas old people don’t like adventure because of their age and age related physical limitations. When it comes to life, young people are naïve and look to old people for their precious pearls of wisdom. Old people, on the other hand have gained lot of experiences by then.

Young people are self proclaimed fashionistas. They are after every new gadget or apparel that arrives in the market.  Probability rules their lives but old people are driven by experience. Old people don’t believe in unnecessary risks and chances. For them, experience is the key to every mystery that life unfolds in front of them.

In physical appearance, young people are stronger and enthusiastic than their older counterparts. They have young blood while old people have lost most of their strength due to their age. Old people do not accept errors or blunders. They do not tolerate it and try to rectify it. This habit tends to irritate younger generation as they show tolerance towards errors in general.

Young people have stronger immunity and do not fall victim to diseases usually whereas old people have weakened immunity power and are attacked by common diseases such as allergies or flu now and then.

The brain of young generation works and quicker and comes to solution quickly whereas the brain of old people lose its most of activity to progressive age.