Your vs. You

Difference Between Your and You

You must have seen people using your and you’re interchangeably which is incorrect. Your means something that belongs to you while you’re means ‘you are’.

The difference between these two words can be understood very easily with the help of given examples:

  1. You are one of the best people I have met so far because your behavior is very good.
  2. You’re home and your home. The first part means to say if you are at home while the second part of the sentence means that this house we are talking about belongs to you.

You can try replacing these words with each other and see that the meaning of the sentence will be lost or changed. You is a persona pronoun and when it is clubbed with ‘are’ which is helping verb, makes you’re. This is done just to make the sentence look compact. So next time when you use it, use it with care.


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