Zinc White vs. Titanium White

Difference Between Zinc White and Titanium White

Zinc White and Titanium White are two variants of white paint and are widely used white pigments. Painters use these colors in oil paintings and other mediums.

Zinc White is a white colored inorganic compound derived from zinc oxide which is insoluble and water. It is a component in paints which is translucent and appears shiny. It produces cold colors when used in mixtures.

Titanium white is opaque with high refractive index. This is why it is the purest white or the whitest white paint that is used by the painters. It makes pale colors when mixed with other colors.

Difference between Zinc White and Titanium White

  • Titanium white is opaque while Zinc White is translucent.
  • Titanium white is purely white while Zinc White appears shiny
  • When used in mixtures Titanium white makes pale colors while Zinc White produces cold colors.

It is the requirement and choice of the painters that makes them select one of these colors over the other.


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